What is Photo Portal?

Photo Portal works as a remote control, allowing you to manage your Mac’s Photo library from anywhere (inside or outside3 of your home), using Wi‑Fi or cellular on your iPad or iPhone. Photo Portal extends your photography workflow beyond the desktop, so you can browse, compare, filter, sort, flags, rates, rotate, delete pics and share your images from anywhere.

Photo Portal and its macOS server work together to provide you an efficient way to view and manage your photos remotely. With Photo Portal Server it's like having your personal cloud optimized to access the imagery (JPEG, TIFF, RAW from more than 200 cameras models) of your Mac.

Why Choose Photo Portal?

By using Photo Portal, you will not need to wait for your entire photo library to be copied on a Cloud Service, or to pay monthly fees for a Cloud Storage subscription.

Photo Portal and its macOS server saves you a lot a time because you don't need to synchronize your mobile device or a cloud system. When you add new photos to your Mac's hard drive they are instantly available with Photo Portal on your iPad or iPhone. Imagine all the time and money you will save using this application.

How it works

Photo server

Photo Portal Server share folders and images of the hard drive on your Mac to Photo Portal App. Our server is optimizing your imagery (RAW, JPEG, TIFF) on demand, so you can access it remotely. The server is running in the background on your mac and in waiting for requests from the remote photo viewer Photo Portal App. The security and confidentiality of your photo library is achieved by setting up your personal account and optionally adding a guest account on the server.

Remote Photo Viewer

Photo Portal App for iPad or iPhone is the remote viewer for browsing the folders from your Mac, as if you were in front of your computer. You can access your photo library inside your home or even on the road, using Wi‑Fi or cellular from your mobile device. Photo Portal App is like no other mobile apps of its kind. It is a professional quality app, with an elegant interface and fast photo catalogs management.

Schema Photo Portal Server and iOS Application


To start using Photo Portal, download our free "Photo Portal Server" for your mac and "Photo Portal App" for your iPad or iPhone on the App Store


Launch the "Photo Portal Server" from your computer and setup your user name and password


Open Photo Portal App on your iPad/iPhone and login with the same user name and password previously used on the "Photo Portal Server". Then tap on the "Folder" icon to begin browsing a collection.


Our remote photo viewer "Photo Portal App" extends your photography beyond the desktop, so you can browse6, compare, filter, sort, flags5, rates, labels, rotate, delete4 pics and share your images from anywhere.

Screen capture

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Photo Portal

1. Download "Photo Portal Server"
(requires OSX 10.6 or later)

2. Download "Photo Portal App"
(requires iOS 8 or later)